Hurricane Wilma Damage

For the fourth time this year my house faced hurricane force winds, but this was by far the worst. My wind instrument recorded a max wimdspeed of 114 MPH before the pole it was mounted to snapped, the Navy blimp base a couple miles away reported peak winds of 123 MPH. The good news is that the upstairs is completely fine with no damage whatsoever. The new roof and shutters performed as advertised. Unlike after Hurrican George in 1998 when there was a similar amount of damage (George was a weaker storm but with an approach from a more dangerous angle), power was restored in less than 48 hours (it took nearly three weeks after George). There was, however, a lot of damage to the downstairs and my possessions...
In George, a lot of debris was trapped here, this is about the only place better than in 1998.
My storage shed, ripped out of 4 rebar mounts, shifted 6 feet forward and 3 feet to the left, leaning over on ma davit. Getting this in the right place is going to be hard, worse is that until I get it upright I can't get inside for my rakes and shovels!
The shed leaning on the davit. The roof is holed, but it should not be too hard to fix this.
The mailbox was untouched, a good thing because there was a lot of mail inside!
My big boat made it fine, sitting on the davits, though for a while it would have been floating in the storm surge. Unfortunately I lost my stand-up Jet Ski (a neighbor saw it heading for Cuba), the sit-down Ski is badly damaged, and both kayaks are gone. Doesn't the canal look inviting?
For some reason I seem to be a filter point for floatsam, I had much more than any of the neighbors.
I had a pile of lumber to redo the porch, it seems that most of it stayed around.
The storm surge was high enough that I will need to replace all the controls, pumps, and heater for the hot tub.
A double section of my fence that stuck around, because the center post came up with the large chunk of concrete it was dug in with
When I saw this I knew it meant trouble, the trailer was sitting level when I left. I hoped it would escape flooding, as the water level seemed to be just below where the trailer would have sat. Alas, something weird happened...
Those wheels had been off the ground, with jacks on the front and right and left rear.
Yes, that is a dinghy wedged under the trailer. I have no idea where it came from.
This picture doesn't show well, but the storm surge scoured the foot of the trailer into the ground nearly a foot. This happened on the left rear and front, lowering the trailer into the storm surge. The trailer is flooded, the electrical panel got wet, and the place reeks from the muck. I may try to salvage this depending on how much time I have, but I doubt the smell is ever going away...
Tons of debris everywhere in the yard. On the right is my Laser sailboat, a neighbor found it 3 blocks away and returned it.
The house across the street lost a hundred feet of fence, 50 feet of dock, and a bunch of trelis, it all ended up in my yard, along with tons of other garbage.
My table saw ended up here along with much seaweed and lumber.
Downstairs had about 18 inches of flooding. Nothing really important was on the floor or lower shelves, but everything had to be taken out in order to pressure wash the floor and walls. That was first on the agenda, so the interior can dry, and then I'll clean things and begin placing them inside again.
The pictures cannot convey the odor, the floor is covered with anaerobic muck which really reeks. It is also very acidic, any metal that touches this rusts almost instantly, and my hands burned while handling things that had soaked in it.
Worse losses downstairs were in the electronic shop, a fiberboard bookcase collapsed, spilling a bunch of stuff into the water.
In that soup are hard drives and computer interface cards, anyone need some?